This Is The Future of Basketball Training for kids!

These are the perfect workouts to do at home or in the gym... Any Time, Any Where!

Why Waste Time Driving To A Trainer Everyday When You Can Open An App And Get To Work?

  • Develop a Solid Athletic Stance
  • Learn & Develop a Proper Shooting Form
  • Develop Foundational Ball Handling & Basketball Skill Development
  • ​...And Much More!

These are the perfect workouts to do at home or in the gym... Any Time, Any Where!

For Kids ages 6 - 10 Years old!

ONLY $23 / Month

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In our Virtual Training Program, you will develop:

  Foundational Ball Handling & Basketball Skill Development

Drills that are key to a basketball player’s success performed from a solid athletic stance.

  Shot Development

Learn proper shooting form and mechanics to get you started the RIGHT way!


An undervalued trait that’s very important to develop early! Learn how to get passes off quickly and accurately.

  Solid Athletic Stance

Develop Rhythm, foot speed and learn to develop a quick first step. 
Players will be introduced to the keys of speed, efficiency and reinforcing their shooting gate through OtterBasketball's introduction to the Jump Rope and Movement concepts.

  Workouts Designed For Success

Quick to the point workout sessions 3 times a week in an On Demand format. Players may repeat the workouts, be challenged without being overwhelmed!


Players will start with a foundation and build off of that each workout. They will progress over time and even move into more advanced workouts when they are ready!

Monthly Consultation & Video Analysis Option Available!

* Jason Otter As Your Online Personal Basketball Trainer!

How it works..

Step 1: Purchase Virtual Training Program For Kids

When you purchase, you will receive access into our exclusive App. Log in and get ready to improve your game RIGHT AWAY!
You will be able to work out anywhere at anytime.

Step 2: Purchase 1-on-1 Personal Consultation Time With Jason!

  Take videos of yourself doing the virtual workouts and send them to our team.
  Jason will watch your film, break it down, and give you feedback on how you can improve to better your skill set.
  Once per month, you will meet with Jason via Zoom to analyze your videos with you, show you side by side comparisons, even look at game clips if needed!

Step 3: Work Hard So The Game Is Easy

There is NOTHING like this Virtual Trainer program out there that even comes close to comparing! You will achieve more than you ever thought possible. It’s time to step up and be the athlete you have always been capable of being. Let us help you achieve your goals in the game of basketball!


I used to only work with players that were 13 and up. 

Then I had 3 kids attend my camps that changed it all. 

These 3 all started in 2nd-3rd grade and all 3 ended up with multiple high school state championships and full Division I scholarships. 


I don’t think so. 

Get started today in a program that’s proven to work!

Jason Otter
OtterBasketball Camps & Virtual Training

Jordan McCabe
2 x State Champion
Wisconsin Mr. Basketball
West Virginia University
Dena Jarrells
2 x State Champion
West Virginia Runner Up Miss Basketball
University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Matt Weir
State Champion
Top 5 3pt FG% Div I
University of Purdue-Fort Wayne

Why Waste Time Driving To A Trainer Everyday When You Can Open An App And Get To Work?

ONLY $23 / Month!


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